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Sh. Satpal Girotra


Entering a college for the first time is an exhilarating experience and I welcome each student to this experience in Government College for Women in Shahzadpur (Ambala). This is also going to be a transformative experience where you will be equipped and prepared for dealing with a world which is getting more complex every day. Women’s colleges are a way to offset social bias against women in the field of education. These colleges enable young women of our society to contribute wholesomely in social life as well as to fulfil their life goals. In this college, we, the staff, the students and faculty, try to achieve these individual and collective goals as well as we can manage to do with available resources. We do that by rigorous classroom teaching and regular extracurricular activities such as debates, quizzes, cultural events, seminars, sports events, social service events and other similar events. Each student is expected and encouraged to participate and grow through these activities. All this leads to an overall development of skills and character that help you live a better life. Apart from being a women’s college, it is also a college catering to rural and small-town students. Rural and urban divide is a very significant marker of our society. To belong to a village generally means having parents involved in traditional rural occupations and being not very educated. To belong to a village also means an all-round lesser understanding of meaning of education. This means that neither the girl student nor her parents are fully aware about prospects and challenges before the student. This college can substantially change this pattern of awareness or lack of it. We know that many college passed out students fail to get the employment that they aspire and dream. This is a collective challenge for students and faculty. It requires diligent and untiring work on part of teachers and students. We here try to create the atmosphere that constantly remembers this challenge and works toward meeting this challenge triumphantly. More than other things it is about mastering the subjects that you are going to study here. This is newly established college with humanities, social-sciences & science streams and has the state-of-the-art infrastructure which includes IT/Computer labs, Smart Class, Virtual Class room, Science Laboratories, Sports facilities, Gymnasium, and auditorium in a green and clean-air environment. I hope that you will make most use of it to become a loveable human being who contributes to the society and who will later remember and cherish the brief stay in the college. Each one of you, in later life, will act as an ambassador of Women’s education in general and GCW, Shahzadpur in particular. Sh. Satpal Girotra Principal