Best Practices:

1.     Regular Classes and attendance
2.     Help from local administration
3.     Regular weekly activity of any club/society
4.     Following the State, National and Department Instructions. 71 girl students applied for voter cards.
5.     Mentor mentee  monthly
6.     PTM regular communication with parents. 
7.     Regular Health awareness camps
8.     Regular visit of counselors
9.     Student faculty cordial relation
10.  Exposure for girls through Inter College activities / tour.
11.  Use of Library and computers/ICT by girls and faculty ( Like durga Shakti)
12.  Realization of Environmental awareness for students through Tree plantation and cleanliness.
13.  Interaction with NGO(Family Planning Association of India, Sanjh Jagori, Parivartan)
14.  Well maintained record and communication with department